Influx unveils 2020 list and launch subscription service

Influx unveils 2020 list and launch subscription service

Indie publisher Influx has unveiled its 2020 list as it announces plans to launch a new subscription service. 

Influx will publish nine titles for 2020 with a mixture of debuts, story collections and forgotten modern classics. 

The new subscription service follows a successful Patreon campaign. Customers can choose up to nine titles from the upcoming list to be delivered, in advance of their individual releases, direct to their door.

Influx co-founder and Bookseller Rising Star Kit Caless said: “We wanted to put as much control in our readers’ hands as possible, by announcing all our 2020 titles at once and launching the subscription service, we’re giving our readers as much information as we can about our future books – so they can make informed and hopefully excited choices about what we send them.”

“Subscriptions are a vital element to presses our size,” said fellow co-founder Gary Budden. “In order to survive and grow, we need genuine contact with our readers, and encourage them to support us directly. It’s a way for us to compete in a very crowded industry, and also develop strong relationships with our readership. Independent publishers are nothing without their readers.”

For their new model, readers subscribe directly to Influx Press, choosing either three, six, or nine books to be sent to them over the course of a year with prices ranging from £25 for the three book option to £75 for the nine book package. 

Announcing the 2020 titles, the London-based publisher said the list is "eclectic, innovative and adventurous".

The list includes Exercises in Control by Annabel Bank, a collection of short stories on the human need be in control, no matter how devastating the cost and How Pale The Winter Has Made Us by Adam Scovell - a "haunting, eerie and affecting tale of melancholy and loss".

Influx will also publish Lucifer Over London – Anthology featuring new writing about the capital from an international host of celebrated writers, such as Xialou Guo, Chloe Aridjis and Susanna Moreira Marques and I Am Not Sidney Poitier by Percival Everett - "a hilarious take on race, riches and fame in USA by an overlooked genius of storytelling." 

Fernando Sdrigotti's short story collection Jolts will explore the Latin American tradition and tell stories of life in between anchors, rootless and revelatory tales while coming of age novel Between Beirut And The Moon by Naji Bakhti, debut Boy Parts by Eliza Clark, short story collection Famished by Anna Vaught and The Earth Wire by Joel Lane– "a thrilling, disturbing examination of the means and the cost of survival" round off the list.