Influx signs 'broiling satire' from film director Holloway

Influx signs 'broiling satire' from film director Holloway

Influx Press is to publish Bindlestiff, the debut novel from writer and director Wayne Holloway, in September 2018.

Bindlestiff is a "broiling satire" telling the story of ex-Marine Frank Dubois, born in New Orleans, and his journey across a broken but functioning post-federal America. It is written in both prose and screenplay and explores race, identity, family, friendship, war, peace, sex, and drugs.

Holloway is a writer and director currently working in advertising. He shot his first movie, "Snakes and Mongoose" in LA in 2013. His second film "The Canal", based on Lee Rourke’s prize winning novel, shoots in London this year. He is the author of short story collection Land of Hunger (Zero). Bindlestiff is his first novel.

Editor Kit Caless said he is "exceedingly excited" to publish Holloway’s debut novel which is "hilarious but also has so much to say about film making, America, the fetishisation of storytelling and the banality of violence".

Caless added: "I loved his first book, Land of Hunger and I’m very pleased to have the privilege of publishing Bindlestiff.”

Holloway said: “Getting to know Kit and Gary [Budden, co-director of Influx Press] over the last few years I have been blown away by their passion for the books they publish. The only good reason to write a book is for people to read it, everything else follows. The only reason to publish a book is if you love the voice you hear in it, and think others will too.

"Gary and Kit have an ear for a unique diversity of voices which I want to be a part of. They also have the passion to get the books they love out there. It takes a lot of hard work to write a book and harder work to sell it, bringing the two together is the fun bit.”