Influx publisher Caless shares Secrets with Audible

Influx publisher Caless shares Secrets with Audible

Audible has landed an exploration of secrecy in modern society by Kit Caless, Influx Press publisher and son of a security forces officer.

Secrets: An Exploration was commissioned by Victoria Haslam from a proposal on exclusive submission. Audible secured worldwide English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German and Portuguese language audio rights from Sarah Such at the Sarah Such Literary Agency and it will be available exclusively on Audible in late 2021.

Caless “grew up steeped in secrets as the son of a Security Forces Officer whose memories, stories and regular disappearances remain hidden thanks to the Official Secrets Act,” Audible said. “Inspired by this experience, Caless investigates what draws us to secrecy, what kind of power secrets have over us, and what kind of effect keeping them has on our mind, body and sense of self?”

Caless explained: “My life has been shadowed by things I have not been allowed to know, and by things I know that I cannot share. After several years of therapy exploring the impact of secrecy on my own psychology I’m excited to be given this opportunity by Audible and Victoria to delve deep into the effect of secrecy on the human mind and society. I’ll be exploring lots of areas of life where secrecy exists; in the family, in romantic relationships, in sexuality, finance, the prison system, religion. This is not a book of confessions, but a book about how holding a secret can shape your response to the world. Secrets are a need-to-know business, and I need to know more. I can’t think of a better medium for secrecy than audio, so I’m very happy with this commission.”

Haslam added: “Kit is an impressive storyteller with a fascinating personal background which forms the foundation of his exploration. Everyone has secrets—and Kit’s research into secrecy is rooted in an investment to understand ourselves better and uncover the truth of how this universal and extremely personal part of human experience affects us all. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since I first discussed it with Kit, and I’m so excited to go on this journey with him, and to make this a very special listening experience.”