Inside story of the 'Election that Shocked Britain' to Biteback

Inside story of the 'Election that Shocked Britain' to Biteback

Biteback is to publish Campaign 2017: The Inside Story of the Election that Shocked Britain by journalists Tim Ross and Tom McTague, this September.

The "timely and indispensable" book will seek to get to the bottom of why the Tories failed to win the General Election earlier this month after Prime Minister Theresa May began with a strong lead in the polls, and explore how Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour overcame impossible odds to emerge closer to power than at any election since the era of Tony Blair. 

Through new interviews and candid private accounts from key players, the title will seek to to answer: 'Who was to blame for the Tories’ mistakes? How could so many politicians and pollsters fail to see what was coming? And what was the secret of Corbyn’s apparently unstoppable rise?'

Biteback m.d. Iain Dale said: "The 2017 general election result came as a massive surprise to everyone, proving that politics in Britain is more dynamic than ever. This extraordinary book will explain exactly why events took the course they did, in the words of those who were there."

Ross reports on British politics and Brexit for Bloomberg and is the author of Why the Tories Won: The Inside Story of the 2015 General Election (Biteback). McTague is Politico's chief UK political correspondent, based in parliament.

The publisher holds world rights to the title.