Indies storm People's Book Prize

<p>A wealth of independents have reached the finalist stages for the inaugural People&rsquo;s Book Prize, voted for by the public. Accent Press, Constable &amp; Robinson, Tindal Street Press and Myriad are all up for prizes.<br /><br />The prize, which is administered by indie Delancey Press and whose patrons include Beryl Bainbridge and the Publishers Association, is voted for only by the public, with no panel of judges. Titles in three genres, fiction, non-fiction and children&rsquo;s,&nbsp; have been showcased via the website and in public libraries, with the public able to vote for one in each of each categories. The overall winners will be announced on 21st July.<br /><br />Titles up for the prize include<em> Among Thieves</em> by Mez Packer (Tindal Street), <em>Wannabe a Writer?</em> By Jane Wenham-Jones (Accent), and Quentin Letts&rsquo; <em>Bog Standard Britain </em>(Constable).<br /><br />Voting for the 36 finalists closes on 20th July.<br /><br />The finalists:<br /><br />Fiction:<br /><br />William Bedford &ndash; None of the Cadillacs was Pink (Solidus)<br /><br />Susan Everett &ndash; Crazy Horse (Route)<br /><br />Jenny Holmes &ndash; The Quiet Voice Within (Local Legend Publishing)<br /><br />Jayne Joso &ndash; Soothing Music for Stray Cats (Alcemi)<br /><br />Aoife Mannix &ndash; Heritage of Secrets ( Flipped)<br /><br />John C Mawson &ndash; Ringturn (Local Legend Publishing)<br />&nbsp;<br />Niall O&rsquo;Sullivan &ndash; Ventriloquism for Monkey (Flipped eye)<br /><br />Mez Packer &ndash; Among Thieves (Tindal Street Press)<br /><br />William Pascoe &ndash; Nemesis ex Nihilo ( Local Legend Publishing)<br /><br />Roger Robinson &ndash; Suckle ( Flipped eye)<br /><br />Lesley Thomson &ndash; A Kind of Vanishing ( Myriad Editions)<br /><br />Christian Tremain &ndash; Black Light (Local Legend Publishing)<br /><br />NON-FICTION<br />&nbsp;<br />Brett Alegre-Wood &ndash; The 3+ 1 Plan, The Insider&rsquo;s Way to Achieve Financial<br />Freedom with Just 4 Properties &ndash; (Delancey Press)<br />&nbsp;<br />Carol Belson &ndash; Open Up (Local Legend Publishing)<br />&nbsp;<br />Sally Farmiloe-Neville &ndash; Sensual Pleasures and the Art of Morphing into a<br />Health Goddess (Delancey Press)<br /><br />Gary K Glading &ndash; Stars, Staterooms and Stowaways (Discovery Books)<br /><br />Brian Landers- Empire Apart (Picnic)<br />&nbsp;<br />Quentin Letts &ndash; Bog Standard Britain (Constable &amp; Robinson)<br /><br />Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson- Microwave Magic, The Art of 21st Century<br />Cooking (MPress Books)<br /><br />Linda Moss &ndash; Organic Places to Stay (Green Books)<br /><br />Kevin Norley &ndash; Making Britain Literate (Imprimata)<br /><br />Various Ipswich Town supporters - &nbsp;Ipswick &lsquo;Til I Die ( Legends Publishing)<br /><br />Jane Wenham-Jones &ndash; Wannabe a Writer? (Accent)<br /><br />Nicola Wood &ndash; True Love Cruel Fate ( Seven Arches Publishing) <br /><br />CHILDREN<br />&nbsp;<br />Alan Brown &ndash; Love-a-Duck ( Gullane Children&#39;s Books)</p><p>Oliver Eade &ndash; Moon Rabbit ( Delancey Press)<br />&nbsp;<br />Steve Eggleton &ndash; Brother Egbert &amp; the Carpenter of Willingford ( The Erskine<br />Press)<br />&nbsp;<br />Philip J King &ndash; Bluey Meets Father Christmas (The Jolly Publishing Company<br />Ltd)<br />&nbsp;<br />Susan Morris &ndash; Fritha&rsquo;s Summer (MPress Books Ltd)<br /><br />Sally Mulholland/Lamorna Bonner-Oakey&ndash; When Dinosaurs Came to Town (Arthur<br />H Stockwell)<br />&nbsp;<br />M B O&rsquo;Reilly &ndash; Tales from Olympus ( Imprimata)<br /><br />Adam Perrott &ndash; Eerie Deirdre Darkly (Clementine Publishing)<br /><br />Alan Porter &ndash; The Black Pear (Eyelevel Books)<br /><br />Bill Russell &ndash; Chip Donovan and the Dragonfly (Delancey Press)<br />&nbsp;<br />Preston Rutt &ndash; Tortoise vs Hare (Meadowside Children&#39;s Books)<br /><br />David Walliams &ndash; Mr. Stink (Harper Collins Children&#39;s Books)</p>