Indies Kobo orders can run through BA's Batch

Indies Kobo orders can run through BA's Batch

Kobo’s UK manager Phil Wood described booksellers at yesterday's BA conference as "enthusiastic" in wanting to partner with the company to sell e-books.

The Canadian-based e-book company today announced a partnership with members of the Booksellers Association to allow 3,000 member stores in the UK & Ireland the ability to sell e-books and e-readers.

Wood said he received a positive reception from independent booksellers at the BA Conference held at Warwick University. He said: “I think the majority of booksellers will be signing up, as one bookseller told me, because they want an alternative to challenge Amazon. Publishers will support them and it is a great opportunity to embrace digital.”

Batch has offered to provide the communication channel for BA Members for the Kobo/UK & Irish Bookseller Program so that bookshops can see their invoices for the devices and accessories and the commission that they will have earned on e-books sold. Batch will also disburse the commission and booksellers in the Kobo Partner Program will be paid a percentage on each e-book sale generated from Kobo e-readers which they have sold and from sales made from a link on their website. Batch will also provide the channel for booksellers to access customer data on their sales through Kobo.

Wood added: “When bookshops place an order they will get a delivery of five devices and five accessories and Point of Sale material and marketing support.  We welcome Batch’s offer to consolidate the data because it is a nice, flexible system.”

Todd Humphrey, Executive Vice President Business Development for Kobo, said: “We are very excited to work with independent bookstores across the UK and Ireland to bring e-reading to more booklovers. With this partnership, independents will be able to offer a world class e-reading solution to their loyal customers and have a voice in the digital transformation.”