Indies reminded to complete 2017 Christmas Trading Survey

Indies reminded to complete 2017 Christmas Trading Survey

Indie bookshops in the UK and Ireland are being called upon to complete The Bookseller’s annual Christmas Trading Survey.

The publication is interested in finding out how trade has fared over the all-important festive period to provide an accurate picture of the health of the independent bookshop sector. 

This year we are also asking about your thoughts on 2018 prospects and the impact Brexit is having on business.

According to The Booksellers Association, it’s been a positive year for indie bookshop numbers, with membership figures “slightly increasing” for the year to date. However, bookshops also told The Bookseller at the start of December that there was a "trend void" this festive season, with a "lack of stand-out titles", particularly without a festive boost in the shape of the Ladybirds for Grown-ups and Five Go... series which proved so popular last year.

The BBC has also reported that footfall across shopping centres, retail parks and high streets was down 4.9% for the first two weeks in December, blaming bad weather and the rise in online shopping. However, retailers are holding their nerve, hopeful for a rush of sales in the last week to go before Christmas.

We’d like to hear from you about how trade has gone. Please complete the survey here.

The results will be compiled from 3rd January 2018.