Indie sales forces merge

<p>Rep forces Compass Independent Book Sales and Derek Searle Associates are merging to create a new independent sales company, Compass DSA. </p><p>Derek Searle, who will head up the new firm along with colleague Bob Cripps and Compass&#39;s Alan Jessop, said the move was a &quot;sign of the times.&quot; He added: &quot;There has been an awful lot of consolidation out there and a focus on the key accounts. The fact is a rep in the field just isn&#39;t able to bring in as much sales as a few years ago. So we are committed to building even better relationships with key accounts, but I still believe it is important to keep salaried reps on the road.</p><p>&quot;Compass DSA hopes to have a strengthened key accounts team as well as an expanded sales force of salaried reps across the UK. Its sales administration unit will be based in Slough, and it will retain a small office in Chiswick. The merger is effective from 1st April. DSA&#39;s client list includes Summersdale and Bonnier Books, while Compass&#39;s clients include Carlton and Alma Books. Compass&#39;s academic rep force, Compass Academic, is not part of the merger.</p>