India’s Flipkart transfers e-library to Kobo

India’s Flipkart transfers e-library to Kobo

Flipkart, one of India’s largest e-commerce marketplaces, is transferring its e-library to Kobo following the closure of its e-book business.

Flipkart will send its users a unique link and details on how to access their new library using Kobo’s apps for Windows, Android, Blackberry, and iOS on 17th December, the company said.

However, Flipkart customers will still be able to access their existing library until 28th February next year, alongside having access to Kobo’s catalogue of 3.7m titles.

Michael Tamblyn, president of Rakuten Kobo, said: “Flipkart has brought together some of India’s most passionate readers. Rakuten Kobo is pleased to introduce them to our store of millions of books across all genres so they can keep reading digitally. Together with Flipkart, we will ensure that people continue to read on any device with no interruptions, with the only thing to consider being what great book to read next.”

Flipkart, which also sells electronics, books, clothes, accessories and furniture, stopped selling e-books on 10th December.

It began selling e-books in 2012 as part of its digital store Flyte, which also stopped selling music in 2013.

Kobo has also taken on the customers of Sony and Blinkbox Books after those platforms stopped selling e-books.