Illustration festival to launch in Loughborough

Illustration festival to launch in Loughborough

Illustrators and writers including Korky Paul, Tommy Donbavand, Steve Beckett and Steven Butler will take part in a new festival dedicated to children’s illustrated books, which will be held for the first time in October.

The Loogabarooga Festival has been launched by Leicester Shire Promotions, the tourism organisation for Leicester and Leicestershire. The inaugural event will take place in Loughborough on 22nd–26th October, featuring workshops, events, readings and talks from authors and illustrators.

“Although there are other established literature festivals in the UK, the Loogabarooga Festival is the first of its kind, dedicated to children’s illustrated literature,” said Martin Peters, chief executive of Leicester Shire Promotions.

The idea for the festival was inspired by the centenary celebrations for Ladybird Books, which originated in Loughborough in the early 20th century. It will be run as an annual event for at least five years and the majority of its funding comes from Charnwood Borough Council.

Over the five days events will take place in various venues, including the town hall and the local museum. The emphasis of the events will be on how words and pictures work together, and Peters said the name of the festival comes from how some visitors to Loughborough mispronounce the name of the town.