IglooBooks to publish DreamWorks’ Trolls series

IglooBooks to publish DreamWorks’ Trolls series

IglooBooks, part of Bonnier Publishing, will publish a series of books to accompany the upcoming "Trolls" film from DreamWorks Animation next month.

The range will comprise of 10 books priced at £4.99-£14.99 and will include Trolls: Book of the Film, Trolls Bumper Sticker & Activity and Trolls Sticker Scenes. It will be released on 16th September.

The books are being published as part of an existing agreement between IglooBooks and DreamWorks, as Igloo is already DreamWorks master publisher in the UK.

Harriet Murphy, head of publishing at DreamWorks Animation, said: “IglooBooks has done incredible work bringing the world of Trolls to life in their range of titles. We look forward to moviegoers and readers falling more in love with all of the adorable, huggable trolls throughout these wonderful story and activity books.”

The "Trolls" film, based on the 90s Troll dolls, will be released in October.

Scholastic is also releasing tie-in titles, including a novel entitled Follow Your Art.