Icon to publish bio-enhancement study

Icon to publish bio-enhancement study

Icon Books has signed Make Way for the Superhumans - How the Science of Bio-enhancement is Transforming our World and How We Need to Deal with it by Michael Bess.

Tom Webber, commissioning editor at Icon Books, bought UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Lorella Belli at The Lorella Belli Literary Agency for an undisclosed sum. Translation rights are with Mildred Marmur Associates Ltd in the US.

In the book, Bess, professor of European Studies at Vanderbilt University, and commentator on the social and cultural impacts of technological change, will provide an overview of the current state of the art of bio-enhancement technology, and explore how this is set to transform our lives and bodies over the next few decades.

“By the time our grandchildren are born, it is almost inevitable that tools to significantly modify one’s own body and mind will be freely available on the open market,” the publisher said. “Bess puts forward likely scenarios involving longer lifespans, introverts sitting at home and taking themselves on solitary emotional journeys with mood-enhancing pills, nanotechnological adaptations of the brain to combat Alzheimer’s or depression, and epigenetic bodily modification to increase sporting performance or rejuvenate damaged cells.”

Webber said: “This book is could not be more timely. This is exactly the kind of conversation we need to be having right now about bio-enhancement and its costs and benefits. There is a frightening amount of information on this subject out there, but Michael Bess takes it and frames it in terms that everyone can understand”.

Bess said: “I’m delighted that Icon will be publishing me in the UK and look forward to working with Tom over the coming months”.

Icon will publish as a £14.99 trade paperback on 7th July 2016.