I B Tauris signs title on history behind Game of Thrones

I B Tauris signs title on history behind Game of Thrones

I B Tauris has commissioned a book which explores the medieval world that inspired George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and the television programme based on the books.

Carolyne Larrington, a tutor in medieval English literature at St John’s College Oxford, will look at how Martin and HBO screenwriters D B Weiss and David Benioff constructed the world of Essos and Westeros from the mythologies, cultures and histories of the Middle Ages.

Executive editor Alex Wright commissioned Larrington to write the book, called Winter is Coming.

Wright said: “For anyone who wants to understand when 'Game of Thrones' relates to the historical Wars of the Roses, what the three-eyed crow represents in the medieval mind, how the Ironborn resemble Viking raiders, where Dorne takes on the features of Muslim Spain or why it’s a very bad idea to let hungry dragons off the leash when small children are minding sheep, then this is the book for them. It is authored by a huge admirer who is also one of the UK’s finest medievalists. So while it has a fan’s-eye view and a fan’s enthusiasm, behind it is the weight of real authority.”

I B Tauris will publish the book in December 2015, to tie-in with pre-orders for the DVD release of Series 5 (which begins transmission this April) and just in advance of the broadcasting premiere of Series 6.