Hutchinson triumphs in auction for Grace Beverley book

Hutchinson triumphs in auction for Grace Beverley book

Hutchinson has won Working Hard, Hardly Working by entrepreneur Grace Beverley after triumphing in a nine-way auction. 

Editor Anna Argenio acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Abigail Bergstrom at Gleam Titles, and the book will publish in hardback, audio and e-book in April 2021.

Beverley is the founder of two sustainable fashion brands, Tala and Shreddy, and was named in Forbes 2020 30-under-30’s retail and e-commerce list. In Working Hard, Hardly Working, the self-proclaimed "lazy workaholic" will offer her perspective on how to navigate modern life and productivity. The book will include practical advice for getting focused as well as how to step back before burning out. 

Argenio said: "I’m honoured to be welcoming Grace to the Hutchinson list. On a personal level, I’ve been a fan of hers from some time, and so I was over the moon to hear she’d decided to write a book. Working Hard, Hardly Working will start a necessary conversation around our modern view of productivity and success, and help us to find the balance we all need. It’s empowering and practical, and full of Grace’s characteristic wit and humour."

Beverley commented: "Writing a book is something I’ve been approached about before, but I always felt like it would be writing a book for the sake of it, which is the last thing I wanted to do. Then, at the beginning of lockdown, I started thinking about certain concepts that we seem to be struggling with more and more: purpose, productivity, self-care, fulfilment, living life. Working Hard, Hardly Working is a deep dive into my generation's fears and desires, and I hope will resonate strongly with my weird and wonderful peers. It’s not a memoir, but it’s an incredibly honest and revealing look into what balance and purpose in life might look like for my generation and beyond."