Hutchinson snaps up Instagrammer Shelby Lorman's debut

Hutchinson snaps up Instagrammer Shelby Lorman's debut

Hutchinson will publish the debut of New York comedian Shelby Lorman, creator of the viral Instagram feed ‘Awards for Good Boys’.

Anna Argenio, Hutchinson editor, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Penguin Random House US to Awards for Good Boys. It will be published in hardback on 14th November 2019.  It was published in the US in June this year.

Drawing from the New Yorker’s Instagram account of the same name – which has more than 300k followers since launching in 2017 – the book is billed by the publisher as “a hilarious illustrated look at how our culture celebrates men who do the bare minimum”.

Hutchinson said: “From fake feminists to gaslighting and mansplaining, Lorman’s signature comics and illustrations deconstruct the double standards of modern patriarchal society with great wit and humour. With exclusive new content and illustrations, Awards for Good Boys sees Lorman sharing her own experience of gender inequality through insightful and highly personal vignettes."

Argenio said of Lorman’s debut: “We are delighted to be publishing Shelby Lorman and her sensational Awards for Good Boys. Hilarious and sharp, this book absolutely captures what it means to navigate the world as a woman today. Through her brilliant illustrations and written pieces, Shelby transforms common frustrations and grievances into something witty and joyful. I guarantee it will make you snort with laughter and realise just how many Good Boys you may well know.”