Hutchinson signs Hillary Clinton biog

Hutchinson has signed a biography of US politician Hillary Clinton, written by journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

Jocasta Hamilton, publishing director, signed UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, in HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton, with Linda Kaplan at Crown, Random House Inc.

The book will focus on Clinton's recent career, from losing the Democratic nomination for presidential candidate to the relatively unknown Barack Obama, to her comeback as US Secretary of State and potential 2016 presidential candidate.

Hamilton said: "HRC reads like 'The West Wing' meets 'House of Cards'. It puts you in the room with Hillary as she mulls over the president-elect's offer to join the administration, pulls the strings to build a coalition for his war against Libya, and scrambles to deal with the fallout of the terrible events in Benghazi, all while keeping one eye focused on 2016."

Allen is White House bureau chief for Politico, while Parnes is White House correspondent for the Hill newspaper in Washington DC.

HRC will be published in hardback on 27th February 2014.