Hutchinson acquires swimming title for five figures

Hutchinson acquires swimming title for five figures

Hutchinson has acquired a book about swimming by Alexandra Heminsley in a five figure deal.

Jocasta Hamilton acquired British Commonwealth rights excluding Canada to Leap In: Notes on Learning to Swim from Sarah Ballard at United Agents.

Leap In is Heminsley's third book and follows Running Like a Girl, about running, which has been published in 13 countries and “persuaded tens of thousands of women to put on their trainers”. In Leap In, Heminsley discusses swimming, “an even bigger sport, and a whole new element", with her "characteristically powerful humour, honesty and kindness,” the publisher said. Heminsley explores the “pain and pleasure of taking the plunge – starting from not being able to swim a length.”

Hamilton said: “Candid and insightful, Alex is a wonderfully inclusive and empowering writer. Leap In is the perfect follow up to Running Like a Girl. Just as running was a sport catching the public’s imagination three years ago, so swimming is now. It is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the country - 2.7m people in the UK swim once a week (half a million more than those who run once a week). But almost half a million women have given it up in the last decade because of how they look and how they believe they are expected to look.”

Heminsley said: “I was absolutely thrilled that Jocasta/Hutchinson let me write a running book which was actually about family, and identity, and bras, so I’m even more delighted that they’re now letting me write about body image, marriage and the sea while pretending it’s a book about learning to swim.”

Leap In will be published by Hutchinson in January 2017.