Self-Care for the Real World to Hutchinson

Self-Care for the Real World to Hutchinson

Hutchinson has acquired world rights in Self-Care for the Real World, a debut lifestyle book from yoga teacher Nadia Narain, and her sister, health food "pioneer" Katia Narain-Phillips, to be co-written with Brigid Moss, health director of Red magazine.

The sisters have worked in wellness for a combined 46 years, through yoga, massage, healing and food. They are said to have come to the concept of self-care after realising that they were offering kindness and nurturing to their high-level clients while being overly hard on themselves. They now approach health by "letting go of extreme approaches" and directing clients to "a happy middle path", which they intend to share in their book. It will be full of advice to "resource and refuel", spanning simple exercises for busy lifestyles, to eating well, and dealing with everyday stresses.

Rights director Pippa Wright commissioned the book directly from the authors. According to Wright, self-care as a concept is beginning to rival mindfulness in its presence on blogs and social media.

Wright said: "As a student of Nadia’s and a customer of Katia’s for over a decade, I’ve long admired their skill, passion and authenticity, but most of all the fact they’re grounded in the real world. Neither of them thinks you should be eating a crazy restrictive diet, or subjecting yourself to hours of intense exercise each day. Self-Care for the Real World is accessible, fun and stylish, as are its authors. Nadia and Katia are the best possible guides to the growing self-care trend, and they’re here to show you the small but powerful steps you can take to transform your life for the better."

Narain and Narain-Phillips said: "’We are both very excited to have the opportunity to write this book - especially together. Self-care is a subject we feel very passionate about, and it’s not optional. One of our favourite sayings is from the Dalai Lama, 'If you don’t look after yourself, you are not qualified to look after anyone else'. We hope this is a book you can keep close, open at any page and feel inspired to start or end the day with.”