Hutchinson acquires Japanese secret to 'long and happy life'

Hutchinson acquires Japanese secret to 'long and happy life'

Hutchinson has acquired IKIGAI: Japanese Secrets for a Long and Happy Life for a "strong" six figures.

Jocasta Hamilton bought UK rights excluding commonwealth from Sabila Khan at Penguin US. Sandra Bruna at Sandra Bruna Literary Agency is selling translation rights.

The book is inspired by a village on the Japanese island of Okinawa holding the world’s highest percentage of centenarians. Authors Héctor García and Francesc Miralles conducted over 100 interviews and found that the population's well-being was largely attributed to "ikigai", which loosely translates as "the happiness of always being active". 

The book will share the Japanese centenarians’ secrets for a healthy happy life, as well as providing tools to help readers discover their own ikigai.

Publishing directorJocasta Hamilton said: "This is such an incredibly appealing idea. It’s not just about living longer but about living better and happier – about discovering what gives your life meaning and about fostering collaboration and community. Already sold in 23 territories, it has all the hallmarks of a future international bestseller. Who doesn’t want to grow old while being forever young?"