Huntingdon tops Amazon's 'most well-read' list

Huntingdon tops Amazon's 'most well-read' list

People in Huntingdon and Cambridge buy the most books of any town or city in the UK, according to a ranking compiled by Amazon using  data from its print and Kindle sales since the start of the year.

Towns in Kent, Wiltshire and West Sussex are also reading hotspots according to the list, which was put together on a per capita basis using places with 20,000-plus residents.

The full roster of the most well-read towns and cities, in descending order, reads: Huntingdon, Cambridge, Sevenoaks, Rochester, Salisbury, Chichester, Canterbury, Truro, Bury St Edmunds and Doncaster, the only town from the north of England to feature on the list.

Cambridge, at number two on the most well-read list, and number one for non-fiction, comprehensively trounced rival university city Oxford, which only reached number 18. The other places making up the well-read top 20, in descending order from 11th to 20th place, are: Winchester, Godalming, Spalding, Warwick, Newton Abbot (Devon), Durham, Witney, Oxford, Tonbridge and York.

Darren Hardy, books manager at, said: "It seems that Huntingdon is the booklovers' capital of the UK. With the advent of e-reading and a wealth of great titles being released, books have never been more popular across the whole of the country."