Hugo-nominated Foz Meadows strikes deal with Angry Robot

Hugo-nominated Foz Meadows strikes deal with Angry Robot

Foz Meadows, who was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer for her blog, Shattersnipe, has secured a two book deal with Angry Robot.

An Accident of Stars will be released in summer 2016, and a second book will follow with its date yet to be announced.

An Accident of Stars tells of a girl, Saffron Coulter, who stumbles through a hole in reality and finds herself trapped in a magical realm on the brink of civil war.

Meadows said of An Accident of Stars: “It is the book I desperately wanted to read, but couldn’t possibly have written at 16 – and it features (among a great many other things) magic portals, feminism and adventuring ladies.”

She added: “I’m immensely excited to share it with you, and I look forward to collaborating in its production with our glorious Robot Overlords, who only asked in exchange a very small blood sacrifice and part ownership of my soul.”

Angry Robot consulting editor, Phil Jourdan, added: “Bringing Foz onboard has made the Angry Robot family very happy indeed. I love the edge she’s brought to the portal genre. Readers in different universes will appreciate this.”

Meadows has written for The Huffington Post and Black Gate. An Accident of Stars is her third novel, and her first with Angry Robot.

The deal was brokered by Phil Jourdan, Angry Robot’s consulting editor and Jennie Goloboy of the Red Sofa Literary Agency.