Hughes to be given memorial in Poets' Corner

<p>The former Poet Laureate Ted Hughes is to be recognised with a permanent memorial in Poets&#39; Corner in Westminster Abbey, alongside fellow Faber author T S Eliot.</p><p>The BBC reports that Hughes, who died in 1998, was accepted for the honour by the Dean of Westminster, Dr John Hall, who said it was &quot;right&quot; he should be remembered in this way. Fellow poet Seamus Heaney had spearheaded the campaign for Hughes to be remembered in Poets&#39; Corner.</p><p>Hall said: &quot;Deciding within a few years of people&#39;s death that they will be remembered in hundreds of years&#39; time is of course impossible. And yet, it is sometimes right to make such a decision, as Deans have done over the centuries.</p><p>&quot;By no means every poet laureate has been commemorated in Poets&#39; Corner. But the overwhelming weight of advice I have received suggests that this is the right decision.&quot;</p><p>Hughes&#39;s widow, Carol Hughes, said: &quot;I am thrilled that something of his colossal presence will haunt the aisles of Westminster Abbey.</p><p>&quot;Once the memorial is in place, I hope that those already familiar with Ted&#39;s work will see it as a fitting tribute, and those visitors who come across it unexpectedly might be inspired to discover his work for themselves.&quot; </p>