H&S buys Alex Ferguson on leadership

H&S buys Alex Ferguson on leadership

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired a book on leadership by Sir Alex Ferguson, described as a “refreshing, inspiring and straight-talking business book – packed full of leadership lessons that can be applied far beyond the football pitch”.

Leading, which will be co-written with investor and author Sir Michael Moritz, will investigate Ferguson’s years of management in Scotland and at Manchester United to “reveal the key tools he used to deliver sustained success on and off the field”.

“From tactics to teamwork, from hiring to firing, from dealing with the boardroom to responding to failure, the book will analyse the pivotal leadership decisions of an astonishing career,” Hodder & Stoughton said.

Moritz will use the stories to draw out the “wider lessons of how great leadership can create long-term, transformational success”.

Jamie Hodder-Williams acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Leading in a “major deal” from David Gernert and Chris Parris-Lamb at the Gernert Company in New York.

Nick Davies and Roddy Bloomfield will co-edit and Hodder & Stoughton will publish in hardback and e-book on 8th October 2015.

Hodder-Williams said: “Sir Alex Ferguson is an inspirational leader, and millions across the world want to know the secrets of his success. My Autobiography, which we published in 2013, became the biggest selling non-fiction hardback since records began. For this new book, Leading, Sir Alex has collaborated with one of the most successful investors of recent times, Sir Michael Moritz, and together, they have written a hugely entertaining book, packed with footballing anecdotes that illuminate Sir Alex's leadership style. We are thrilled to be working with Sir Alex again.”

Ferguson said: “Since stepping into retirement I have had the opportunity to reflect on my time as a football manager, and to consider the reasons behind my success through personal recollections, conversations with Mike Moritz and my role at Harvard Business School. It has been a new experience for me to be looking into the past rather than planning for the future, but one that I have found enjoyable and rewarding.

“The process behind creating this book began many years ago following my first meeting with Mike, which immediately created a mutual respect for each other’s achievements. Over the past year, we have spent many hours together as we have worked our way through my life in order to draw out and discuss the key philosophies I applied during my career. I have been delighted by Mike’s approach and the quality of his work, I am sure the readers will appreciate what he has brought to the page. I could not have had a better partner for this project.”

Ferguson’s My Autobiography has sold 918,453 copies through Nielsen BookScan.