YouTube star Bright's guide to freelance life to HQ

YouTube star Bright's guide to freelance life to HQ

"Lifestyle influencer" Patricia Bright is writing a book about career flexibility, freelancing and financial freedom for HQ.

Bright hosts one of the fastest-growing lifestyle YouTube channels in the UK, boasting almost 3 million followers, and is a multi-award winning content creator who has graced the cover of Glamour Magazine.

HQ editorial director Rachel Kenny acquired world all language rights from Ed Griffiths at InterTalent Rights Group. The HarperCollins imprint will publish Head, Heart, Hustle in November 2018.

The pursuit of career flexibility, freelancing and financial freedom is on the rise, the blurb reads. Generation X is seeking fulfilment through multiple revenue streams that play not only to their strengths, but their passions too. Never has climbing the traditional corporate ladder been less appealing.

Bright grew up in South London as a first generation Brit to immigrant parents and “from a young age she learned she’d have to hustle and work harder than anyone else to get what she needed”.

“She offers candid lessons for anyone who is thinking about ditching or supplementing their nine to five and those wanting to take control of their destiny, from how to create and grow a brand online and off, knowing when to turn your side-hustle into your main career, to finding your purpose and retaining your integrity,” an HQ spokesperson said.

Kenny added: "Patricia is perfectly positioned to write this guide/memoir hybrid.

"Her fast, straight-talking advice, unapologetic honesty and dynamism, coupled with relatable real-life experiences... have given her an unparalleled understanding of, and refreshing perspective on, how to launch a successful enterprise and grow a brand, and relay her hard-earned advice so her ever-growing audience and the new generation of entrepreneurs sit up and take notice."

Bright previously ran a hair styling service in her living room to fund her university education and had a stint of working long hours in a high-pressure corporate environment before building her business empire and becoming a mother - all before the age of 30.

She said: "To be able to share my stories and advice in book form is an amazing opportunity, that I am beyond excited about. I have been creating content in the digital space for the last eight years and honing my skills as a ‘slashie’. From interning as a city girl to YouTube ‘extraordinaire’… I feel like I have come full circle to being at the forefront of the career world, and it’s a great place to be."