HQ snaps up book on pain management by Davies

HQ snaps up book on pain management by Davies

HQ has snapped up "an accessible and practical" book on pain management by osteopath, coach and massage therapist James Davies.

Rose Sandy, publishing director, acquired world all language rights to Body from Bev James Management. It will publish on 18th August 2022. 

The publisher said: "Using simple and effective methods, Body is a book that teaches one to shield their body from injury, understand and manage pain, and adopt full-body health. James draws on his personal story to bring us a book that shows tips for a healthy balance between activity and inactivity. Body will help us self-diagnose pain, alongside expert medical backing. Packed with testimonials and employing his 360 roadmap to wellbeing, James presents a new understanding of what needs to be done and where we to find further help."

Davies said: "I have helped elite athletes and people of all ages improve performance in their recreational sport or activity of choice. It's about shielding bodies to stay injury free. This has led to my ethos of relieve, restore and perform, which I share in the book Body. No one should live in pain, and everyone should make informed decisions about how they manage it. We all deserve to know what choices are available to us.”

Sandy added: "There has truly never been a better time to publish a book on body-pain diagnosis. Many of the ailments that plague our bodies are self-inflicted, triggered by how we sit, stand, walk and run. James has much to teach us, especially after many of us have spent more than a year working on countertops, ironing boards, and other non-suitable working surfaces and chairs.”

James said: “We are so thrilled to be partnering with HQ on Body. James’ message is one of hope and positivity, and his book will transform readers’ lives. He is a true inspiration, and HQ is the perfect home for him.”