Melissa Hill moves to HQ in six-figure deal

Melissa Hill moves to HQ in six-figure deal

HQ has acquired two books by Melissa Hill, author of 13 novels including The Charm Bracelet, Something From Tiffany's and Before I Forget, for six-figures. Hill's previous books were published by Hodder.

HQ senior commissioning editor Anna Baggaley bought world English rights to the two books from Sheila Crowley at Curtis Brown Group Ltd.

The first novel of the two book deal, Keep You Safe, tackles the controversy surrounding childhood immunisation.

In the novel Kate O’Hara’s daughter, Rosie is one of a small percentage of Irish children with a disorder meaning they cannot be immunised. All Kate can do is hope that herd immunity keeps the disease at bay, and her little girl safe. Madeleine Cooper and her husband decline controversial measles jabs for their daughter, Clara. All she can do is pray that it is the right decision and if her little girl becomes sick, she gets through it unscathed.

The two girls have just started primary school in the same class. And when one day, tell-tale red spots appear on Clara’s chest, and Rosie’s a few days after, both mums fear the worst. Clara recovers quickly, but Rosie becomes seriously ill and is admitted to hospital. Can and should the Cooper parents - in the eyes of the law - be held accountable for choosing not to vaccinate their daughter? And if the unthinkable happens, thus be indirectly responsible for five-year old Rosie OHara’s death?

Hill said: "I was blown away by Lisa Milton’s vision for the imprint and am delighted to be joining HQ at such an exciting and dynamic time. I am hugely looking forward to working with Anna, Margaret and teams on both sides of the Atlantic and especially happy to have my UK and US editions co-ordinating for the very first time.”

Baggaley said: “I’ve always been an enormous fan of Melissa’s addictive writing and so am so incredibly excited by this amazing new editorial direction from her. This feels like the perfect next step that Melissa fans and book club readers alike will devour.”

The novel will be published simultaneously on 7th September by HQ in the UK and MIRA in the US.