HQ bringing out first audio original, a meditation title

HQ bringing out first audio original, a meditation title

HQ will publish its first audio original product. Tapping into the rising trend of sound meditation, Seven Days of Sound Meditation is an immersive 3D sound experience developed by HarperCollins and a leading sound meditation teacher, Leo Cosendai.

Recorded using binaural production techniques, it will take listeners through seven sound meditation sessions to fully  immerse their experience. It is being produced by production company Folded Wing and will be released on December 20th at £9.99. 

Nia Beynon, head of digital publishing at HQ, acquired world rights from Leo Cosendai, a leading authority on sound meditation in the UK. Cosendai is also the founder of Third Ear, a meditation subscription app. 

Beynon said: "I could not be more delighted to be working with Leo Cosendai and Folded Wing on this innovative project. Seven Days of Sound Meditation will be a trail-blazing audio-original product. There is nothing else like it in the market and we’re looking forward to introducing listeners to this new form of meditation. Leo is a star on the rise and we’re thrilled to be his publisher at HQ."

Rachel Mallender, group audio director for HarperCollins said: "Audio innovation is an important area for HarperCollins. I am thrilled that HQ are leading the way with such an inventive and exciting product that will provide listeners with a new adventure in sound."

Cosendai said: "I am pleased to be working with HarperCollins on a brand- new wellbeing experience, which I believe will transform meditation as we know it."