Milly Millbank pens cookbooks for HQ

Milly Millbank pens cookbooks for HQ

HQ has acquired two titles from actress and food writer Nicola ‘Milly’ Millbank in a "significant" deal.

HQ executive publisher, Lisa Milton, acquired world all language rights to the titles.

The first title Milly’s Real Food will be based on "Milly’s one and only food philosophy – everything in moderation."

Millbank is a television and film actress who has appeared in "Mount Pleasant", "Mr Selfridge" and "Silent Witness". She has made a name for herself as a food writer on her website, She has nearly 30,000 followers across several social media platforms and has presented a TV series for UKTV’s, Good Food Channel.

The publisher said: "Milly creates home-cooked recipes and "comforting" classics cooked in the healthy, fad-free way without jeopardising the taste. Taking food inspiration from the Mediterranean to Asia, with a twist of Nordic simplicity, Milly’s Real Food will advocate using fresh produce, eating a varied diet and having fun with food."

Millbank said: “I’m a strong believer in cooking from scratch and eating everything in moderation. A little bit of what you fancy does you good, so I welcome the occasional slice of peanut butter chocolate cake. I want to encourage us to have fun with food again and enjoy the wide spectrum of ingredients we have available. Chickpeas and kale don’t cut the mustard for me, I want gloriously sticky Asian Ribs and warming Oxtail Ragu – Food that satisfies. Turning away from eliminating food groups, self-diagnosed and self-persecuting fad diets, I favour using sustainable, accessible and affordable ingredients creating delicious home cooked recipes - real food.”

Milton said: “For ages I’ve been looking for a foodie to represent a new generation, someone who can champion a new way of eating, someone who celebrates healthy food. Milly is exactly who I’ve been waiting for. She is fabulous. With an incredible website, strong social media following and a passion for food, I am delighted that HQ is at the start of this journey. Our first book will be fresh, fun and, crucially, different. I can’t wait to share it widely.”

Milly’s Real Food will be published in Hardback priced at £20 on 4th May 2017.