HQ lands skincare guide for Black women by Ayodele

HQ lands skincare guide for Black women by Ayodele

HQ has landed a skincare guide for Black women by aesthetician and founder of West Room Aesthetics, Dija Ayodele. 

Deputy publishing director Kate Fox acquired world all language rights to Black Skin: The Definitive Skincare Guide from Bev James at Bev James Management. It will publish in hardback, audio and e-book on 25th November.

The publisher said Ayodele is one of the first aestheticians to specialise in and champion Black skin. Her book will be a fully illustrated, comprehensive guide for Black women to care for their skin as well as provide social and historical insights into beauty and the concept of Blackness. HQ said: "Dija shares her life-changing tips and tricks, from the best ingredients for Black women to look out for, to how to deal with the most common complaints affecting darker skin tones such as hyperpigmentation and keloid scarring. Dispelling the myths and misconceptions that plague the industry about Black skin, this is a no-holds barred tour in skin health from one of the UK’s most-respected experts."

Ayodele said: "It’s been an absolute honour and joy to write Black Skin and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing my knowledge and experience with the world. My mission has always been to ensure all Black women are seen in skincare and over the past ten years, I’ve witnessed the anxiety that Black women experience in accessing information and treatments to care for their unique skincare needs. It stops here! Like me, this guide is sassy, fun and plain speaking. I am really proud of Black Skin and excited to be putting skincare for Black women on the map, in a way that’s never been done before!"

Fox added: "For decades, the skincare needs of Black women have been wholly ignored by the industry. Dija is spearheading a change. Her no-nonsense advice, her brilliant expertise and, most importantly, her relentlessly joyful approach to her work have made her an absolute champion of change in the industry and I can’t wait to bring this game-changing book to market."