HQ to publish Swedish guide to 'anti-inflammatory' life

HQ to publish Swedish guide to 'anti-inflammatory' life

HQ is to publish a book about the anti-inflammatory lifestyle by Swedish science writer Maria Borelius.

Hälsorevolutionen (Health Revolution: The Way to an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle) has sold almost 50,000 copies in Sweden, according to HarperCollins, with an “incredible reader response”.

A world rights, all-languages deal was inked between HarperCollins Nordic and Rita Karlsson at Kontext Agency in Stockholm. This is the first time the work of a Swedish author, initially published by HarperCollins Nordic, is being published using the worldwide network of HarperCollins Publishers. After the UK publication in June 2019 there will be a roll-out across the rest of the world including in the US by HarperDesign (June), Norway (August) and HarperCollins Italia (September). Rights to remaining languages are represented by Lucy Vanderbilt with HarperCollins’ subsidiary rights team in the UK.

The book combines international research with Borelius' personal journey to inspire readers to live an anti-inflammatory life that keeps them younger and more healthy. It came about when Borelius’ felt unwell at 52 and had “a nagging feeling that life was soon over”. She started investigating, gathering new knowledge as she travelled around the world - to Toronto, California, India, Lund and Stockholm - to meet top scientists, gurus and fitness professionals on the frontlines of scientific research.

It is billed by HQ as “s fascinating book about the journey to knowledge as well as a life changing story: how an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can keep you young and healthy - but also bring you peace and happiness”. It promises to be “as inspiring as it is useful, filled with ‘aha’ moments, a variety of simple fixes, recipes and tips to help you get started with your new, happier life”.