HoZ signs new collection from Ben Okri

HoZ signs new collection from Ben Okri

Head of Zeus is to publish a new collection of stories from Booker Prize-winning author, Ben Okri.

Maggie McKernan, editor-at-large at Head of Zeus acquired UK & Commonwealth rights to The Magic Lamp: Dreams of Our Age from Ed Victor. 

The book will include paintings by Scottish artist Rosemary Clunie.

A lamp found in the attic of a London house inspires a magical sequence of images and meditations. These stories and paintings explore many themes including modern times, lost worlds, revolutions, and love. What if Hemingway had collaborated with Magritte?

McKernan said: "This is a powerful collaboration - a writer who reaches beyond the words to the image, and an artist who works in perfect tune with the words. It makes you think about colour, about fiction, about the world in new ways."

Okri has published numerous books, including The Famished Road (Vintage), which won the Man Booker Prize in 1991, and The Age of Magic (Head of Zeus). His work has been translated into 26 languages and has won numerous international prizes.

Okri said: "I am more than delighted to be on another special publishing adventure with Head of Zeus. To my mind, Head of Zeus is a bold, innovative and wonderful publisher, and I feel that with this book, The Magic Lamp, we will reach and delight a vast readership. It is a winning combination of narrative and art."

The Magic Lamp: Dreams of Our Age will be published in September 2017.