HoZ to publish Trump book on his 100th day as president

HoZ to publish Trump book on his 100th day as president

Head of Zeus is to publish a book on Trump and "the birth of a new political language" on 4th May to mark Trump's 100th day in office as president of the United States.

The publisher holds world English rights to the title.

Written by journalist and political commentator Peter Oborne, alongside media historian and author Tom Roberts, How Trump Thinks: His Tweets and the Birth of a New Political Language looks at how Donald Trump’s "obsessive use of Twitter was crucial to his nationalist and populist campaign for the presidency", the publisher said. "Like other social media, Twitter was often assumed to encourage the spread of liberal values and the circulation of facts. Trump's tweets, by contrast, formed a constant stream of provocations, insults, conspiracy theories, 'alternative facts' and outright lies. And they helped him win power."

In the book, Oborne, author of The Rise of Political Lying (S&S UK) and Not The Chilcot Report (HoZ), analyses Trump's "incendiary" political message in all its "bewildering" guises, and shows how "this fusion of entertainment and cunningly-crafted propaganda has destabilised the world's most powerful democracy".

Neil Belton, non-fiction publisher at Head of Zeus, said: "Trump threw out verbal hand-grenades on Twitter, many in the hours before dawn, that exploded in the press and on other social media and helped spread disinformation, false promises, conspiracy theories and racism. He has sent nearly 35,000 tweets. Peter Oborne and Tom Roberts have done a heroic job of digging through this extraordinary pile for the most significant utterances Trump has made, and providing sane, critical and lucid commentary on them. Their substantial introduction is essential reading at this dangerous moment in history."

Oborne said: "I’m very proud that Head of Zeus is publishing this book".