Bookseller launches survey on author and illustrator earnings

Bookseller launches survey on author and illustrator earnings

The Bookseller is inviting writers and illustrators to have their say about how the pandemic has affected their earnings.

The online questionnaire aims to explore how authors' and illustrators' finances fared in 2020, their confidence for the future, and reliance on events to generate income. 

Over 1,150 creatives applied for the Society of Authors' hardship grants through its Authors Contingency Fund in 2020, and another 250 have submitted applications so far this year, 

The fund is still open and Society of Authors chief executive Nicola Solomon told The Bookseller last week the need for it "desperately continues".

She said: "Authors, especially poets and children’s writers, are dependent on school visits and personal appearances—and these will not get back to normal for a long time. The shape of the market has changed, to the benefit of top sellers and celebrities, and to the detriment of the midlist and emerging authors. The fund is still needed."

To take part in our research, please fill in the survey, noting the extended deadline of 11.59 p.m. on 25th May.