House of Illustration works with Curved House Kids

House of Illustration works with Curved House Kids

House of Illustration is partnering with Curved House Kids, which promotes visual literacy skills among primary school children, to offer families in Islington the chance to publish their own book.

Curved House Kids produces books, learning materials and literacy workshops with an emphasis on visual tools to inspire primary aged children to read, write and see the world. Its new programme with House of Illustration, run as part of Islington Council’s Word15 festival, will be a series of workshops run over eight weeks offering hands-on training in understanding visual and written literacy, as well as offering local families access to those working in creative sectors.

The programme, entitled "Our Cally Stories", will map out a typical book development workflow, led and supported by an established author, illustrator and publisher. Young children and their parents will go through the process of planning, writing, editing, illustrating and publishing a professional quality book. Themes will be selected by participants and finished books will be produced and shared through local libraries.

Kristen Harrison, publisher at Curved House Kids, said: “We live in an increasingly visual world, and for the many who struggle with text-based literacy visuals can be extremely effective at breaking down their barriers to reading. We’re thrilled to join forces with House of Illustration, who already have an exceptional education and outreach programme, to provide Islington families with the tools they need to create and share their own stories. ”

The programme starts today (Thursday 23rd April) and the workshops will be held in Holloway Library, Paradise Park Children’s Centre run by Islington Play Association and House of Illustration’s new Clore Studio at its gallery in King’s Cross. The final book will be launched at House of Illustration on Thursday 18th June.