Hot Key pre-empts YA Nazi drama

Hot Key pre-empts YA Nazi drama

Hot Key, a division of Bonnier Publishing, has acquired a teen novel about a 14-year old seamstress working in a Nazi concentration camp.

The Red Ribbon by author and costume historian Lucy Adlington follows the lives of four girls – Rose, Ella, Marta and Carla. Ella works at a sewing workshop at Birchwood, based on the real-life concentration camp Birkenau.

Adlington said there were “many threads” that went into creating the novel. “The first is the truth – the startling reality of a fashion workshop in the most infamous hell-on-earth known to history. 

"Other threads are personal stories, including memories of my own grandmother at the treadle of her sewing machine. Once I began writing the story, the threads seemed to weave themselves into a pattern of hope, love and determination. The four girls became very much alive to me.”

Editor-at-large Emma Matthewson acquired world English rights at pre-empt from Kate Shaw of the Viney Agency. The book will be published in hardback in autumn 2017.