Horrible Histories sets sail with new Thames venture

Horrible Histories sets sail with new Thames venture

New developments for the Horrible Histories brand will sees partnerships with a Thames river cruise service to launch a new theatrical experience, and a "Vile Victorians" section in the family entertainment maze at Warwick Castle. 

Based on the Scholastic series written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown, the growing brand also includes magazines, costumes, games, stationery and heritage products with a new deal secured for frozen desserts and ice creams, and more attractions slated to appear soon. 

Birmingham Stage Company, which has created and performed Horrible Histories productions for 16 years, is setting sail with a new experience, in collaboration with Woods Silver Fleet on the river Thames. Leaving from Tower Bridge Quay, the boat takes an audience of passengers on a journey along the city’s historic river to discover the  truth about London’s iconic landmarks, performed by actors from the Horrible Histories stage-shows.

Throughout the pandemic, Horrible Histories stage shows continued to perform to audiences around the UK with partner Car Park Party and they have just returned to the Garrick Theatre with "Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain 5", where they are the longest running children’s theatre show in the West End, according to the publisher.

A section featuring interactions from The Vile Victorians has been added to the Horrible Histories Maze at the family attraction at Warwick Castle, which is inspired by traditional geometric mazes and features facts from Deary's books, in addition to Brown's artwork.

The new ventures follow a PR campaign launched with the Times to produce covers with a "newspaper look" and a new range of Secret Diary titles.

Deary commented: “Children and adults will always be interested in the horrible side of history and we can learn a lot from it. I am glad to be able to shine a light on the terrible truth about historical times through my books. These new partnerships take my stories to new places and open people’s eyes in new ways.”

Elizabeth Scoggins, publisher of non-fiction, brands and licensing, said: “Horrible Histories is unrivalled in its ability to entertain and engage people of all ages with histor—its humour and gritty edge is intrinsic to the longevity and growth of the brand.”