Horrible Histories 'to end'

Horrible Histories 'to end'

Terry Deary's long-running Horrible Histories children's books series is coming to an end, according to the author, as he focuses on a new adult series.

Speaking to the Times, the author said the Horrible Histories series, which is published by Scholastic and includes titles such as Terrifying Tudors and Blitzed Brits, "has naturally come to an end, the way things do. It has had a good run, it's had a better run than most children's series. Things do have a saturation point after which they become taken for granted . . .

"But the books are going to disappear. All I'm saying is that I've not been given new commissions to write more for the series, and there are no new titles. I presume that's on commercial grounds and perhaps they're not selling so many any more, or they think there's enough books out there."

The series began in 1992 and has spawned a successful spin-off TV series. Scholastic could not be reached for comment as this story was going to press.

On his website, Deary said that he has been contracted to publish "an entertaining new series of history books for adults", and will be writing the first four books in the series over the next two years.

The first book, The Roman Empire, will be published this November by Weidenfeld & Nicholson.