Horowitz and Blue Peter launch CBBC spy competition

Horowitz and Blue Peter launch CBBC spy competition

"Blue Peter" will today (15th January) launch a competition to take three children into MI5 headquarters. Anthony Horowitz, author of the spy series Alex Rider (Walker Books), will help choose the winners.

Children aged 8-14 can apply online to become CBBC Intelligence Officers as part of Project Petra. Eight winners will be taken to a “special spy school” where they will be tested on key observational and analytical skills.

Three winners will then be taken on a tour of MI5’s headquarters in London - the first time TV cameras have been allowed into the building, according to CBBC.

CBBC Controller Cheryl Taylor said:  “We're aware that children are fascinated by the mysterious world of intelligence and we're thrilled to be in a position to feed their passion for intrigue and adventure with this unique proposition.

"Blue Peter" will air more details about the competition at 5.30pm on CBBC. The deadline for applications is the 2nd February.