Hooper to step down as chairman of Copyright Hub Foundation

Hooper to step down as chairman of Copyright Hub Foundation

Richard Hooper is to stand down as chairman of the Copyright Hub Foundation at the beginning of May.

After nearly five years in the job, Hooper will hand over the role to Mark Bide who is currently an adviser to the Foundation’s Board.

The move will mark the transition of the Copyright Hub Foundation to the next phase of its development, in which its principal focus will be on building trust in the market place and effective self-regulation; as well as continuing to facilitate the roll-out of applications and sister hubs. Bide has previously led the governance work strand on behalf of the Foundation’s board.

In recognition of his standing as the founding father of the concept of a digital copyright hub, the Foundation Board has appointed Hooper honorary president of the Copyright Hub Foundation. The idea of a hub with the capability of linking copyright owners and users at effectively no transactional cost was first set out in his report for the UK government, "Copyright Works: streamlining copyright licensing for the digital age".

Hooper said: “It has been an extraordinary time leading the Copyright Hub Foundation as it has built the foundation of a technology platform that will make licensing easier and cheaper for all creators and rights holders. I want to thank all our many supporters and funders in the UK and around the world: this is a truly global project as relevant to creators and creativity in developing economies as to Western countries like the UK. A big thank you also to Dominic Young who brought a precise technology vision to the Hub, building on existing initiatives such as the Linked Content Coalition. I am delighted to remain engaged with the Foundation as its President and look forward to supporting its work as it moves into new and exciting times.”

Bide said he was "honoured" to have been asked to take the chair of the organisation", adding: "Succeeding Richard will be no easy task. I very much look forward to working with Dominic Young, the other members of the staff and the Board of the Foundation. Together, we will be working to ensure the delivery of the objectives of the Copyright Hub Foundation and its technology platform of simplifying and extending copyright licensing by providing a trusted market place in the digital environment.”

Dominic Young, c.e.o. of the Copyright Hub, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Richard over the past few years to get the Copyright Hub to the position it is in today. I think I can speak for the whole team in saluting the energy, enthusiasm and sheer determination that Richard has put into the creation and work of the Hub. I am delighted that he will continue to be involved in the future.”