Hooper report calls for 'copyright hub'

Hooper report calls for 'copyright hub'

A government-commissioned report into the feasibility of developing a Digital Copyright Exchange (DCE) has recommended moving forward with an industry-led “copyright hub”.

The report, “Copyright Works: streamlining licensing for the digital age”, from former OFCOM deputy chairman Richard Hooper (pictured), was released today (31st July) and has been welcomed by the Publishers Association.

Hooper has recommended
the creation of an industry-led copyright hub, for use by businesses and the public, as the place where any copyright owner can choose to register works and their permitted uses and licenses, and potential alicensees can go for easy-to-use and low-transaction-cost copyright licensing. The idea has been developed from recommendations made in the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property, published in May 2011.

Business secretary Vince Cable commented: “The idea of a ‘copyright hub’ is an ambitious undertaking and one that could clearly yield great benefits for the UK’s creative industries and consumers. It is potentially a ground-breaking step forward.”

Publishers Association c.e.o. Richard Mollet said: "The Phase 2 Report from Richard Hooper sets out a clear road-map for the creative industries to develop a copyright hub-a not-for-profit, industry-led, voluntary body.

"Since our submission to the Hargreaves Review in March 2011 the PA has consistently made the case that publishers are in the business of facilitating access and innovating services to ensure that works are available in the market. We have long believed this aim is best achieved through market solutions, working with the grain of copyright and not eroding it.

"We look forward to working with others in the publishing sector, and the music, film and TV industries, to take up Hooper's challenge to take forward the proposal to develop the copyright hub."