Holroyde and Cartey launch agency

Holroyde and Cartey launch agency

Claire Cartey and Penny Holroyde have teamed up to launch a new agency for authors and illustrators of both adult and children’s books.

Cartey, a former art director at Hodder Children's Books, and Holroyde, previously an agent at the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency, said in a joint statement. “We're combining a skill set that makes us very optimistic about the future. We have a portfolio of established talent and are successfully pursuing our aim of working with them and with publishers collaboratively, as well as engaging with opportunities outside of the publishing arena so as to maximise our clients’ earnings and creative fulfilment.”

The Holroyde Carter agency will also work on animation, licensing and packaging deals.

The agency has launched with some new clients, and some that migrated with Holroyde from her previous agency, and its authors already include Ben David, Tim Hopgood, Helen Boyle and Chris Mould.

Mould said: “I'm delighted and extremely proud to be represented by Holroyde Cartey.  We were barely underway before signing significant deals. There is definitely a unique feel about the agency.”

The agency’s artist clients number among them Sam Usher, Debi Gliori and Tor Freeman.

Cartey can be contacted via email on claire@holroydecartey.com, and Holroyde on penny@holroydecartey.com.