Holloway to guest direct EIBF

Richard Holloway, chairman of the Scottish Arts Council, author, broadcaster and former Bishop of Edinburgh, is to act as Guest Director for this year&#39;s Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF).<br /><br />Holloway will act as guest director on a pro tem basis, following consultation with the Scottish government, while Catherine Lockerbie, director of the EIBF, is on medical leave.<br /><br />He will be involved with the development of the 2009 programme, which has already been shaped by Lockerbie and her programme manager Roland Gulliver, and will chair a series of events in Edinburgh&#39;s Charlotte Square in August.&nbsp; <br /><br />He said: &ldquo;I have been involved with the Book Festival for a number of years and have a profound respect for the contribution it makes to the spiritual life of Scotland, so I am very much looking forward to working with the strong and efficient team that Catherine has put together.&rdquo;