Hodge wants library home delivery service

<p>Now ministers are planning a home delivery system to rival Amazon as part of a blue-print to revitalise the library system.The plan to revitalise the library system and stop the haemorrhage of visitors, particularly among young people, will be published next month by Margaret Hodge, the arts and culture minister.</p><p>Hodge is set to recommend late night opening and marketing modelled on the most popular bookshop chains.</p><p>Library campaigners Shirley Burnham, Desmond Clarke, and Tim Coates have all made comments about the piece.<br /><br />Clarke writes: &quot;The cost of funding a home delivery service for the free loan of books could prove hugely expensive. Libraries are a public service of choice. We should therefore be focusing on what people want and need, and adapting successful retail techniques to increase their popularity and use.&quot;<br /><br />Burnham added: &quot;Here is another individual of influence who clearly feels that supporting what residents need and wish to defend is by no means exciting enough.&quot; </p><p>Hodge, who had been on compassionate leave since October 2008, returned to her post last week, taking over from Barbara Follett.</p><p>Follett&#39;s departure comes shortly before the publication of the Library Service Modernisation Review, which she has been overseeing since her appointment last year. Follett is still to address the Public Library Authorities conference on the 8th October as previously scheduled.<br /></p>