Hodder Studio signs Kennedy's memoir on relationship with mother

Hodder Studio signs Kennedy's memoir on relationship with mother

Hodder Studio has landed Letters from Brenda by Emma Kennedy, a memoir that explores the author's relationship with her mum, inspired by the discovery of 75 lost letters.

Publisher Myfanwy Moore bought world rights from Sheila Crowley at Curtis Brown. Letters From Brenda is publishing in hardback, e-book and audiobook on 12th May.

"After her mother Brenda passed away and her father sold the family home, Emma found herself floundering, unable to make peace with the complex, charismatic woman who had been her mum," the synopsis explains. "This heartbreakingly funny book is about the impact of discovering lost letters and a celebration of correspondence, but also a childhood shrouded in shame. Emma finally allows herself to explore what she couldn’t while she was growing up: the question of who her mother really was."

Kennedy is an author, screenwriter, actress and presenter. She wrote the BBC1 series "The Kennedys", and is a Radio Times Comedy Champion Award winner. An adaptation of her bestselling book The Tent, the Bucket and Me (Ebury Press) has sold more than 100,000 copies in paperback through Nielsen Bookscan. She has also won "Celebrity Masterchef" and is a Guinness World Record holder.

"My most personal book to date, the writing of Letters From Brenda has felt like a huge emotional release, not least because it finally helped me to push past the memories of suffering and regret and remember what an incredible and funny woman my mother was," she said. "Families are often complicated and secretive, but I hope the sharing of our story shows others in the same situation they are not alone. I hope it also encourages readers to start writing letters again. What a wonderful treasure they are.”

Moore added: “I am so happy to be working with the extremely talented Emma Kennedy on this wonderful book. Emma writes with a characteristic directness and light touch, painting a vibrant and moving portrait of the lively and astonishing Brenda. It is also a very moving and funny book about the relationship between mother and daughters, and I can’t wait for us to share this with readers.”