Hodder Studio signs audio guide to baking from Ruby Tandoh

Hodder Studio signs audio guide to baking from Ruby Tandoh

Hodder Studio has signed the first audio recipe book by Ruby Tandoh, Breaking Eggs: An Audio Guide to Baking, "integrating real time cookery instruction with engaging insights".

Editorial director Harriet Poland bought world rights in the audiobook from Stuart Cooper at The Stuart Cooper Agency.

Described as a "meditative cook-along" audio project, the audiobook will guide listeners through "the essential steps to mastering baking", Hodder said. In easy-to-follow single recipe chapters, Tandoh will cover bakes including galaxy buns and apple galette, complete with real-time instructions and commentary for an interactive experience. It is slated for 20th March 2021.

Tandoh, who started off as a "Great British Bake Off" contestant in 2013, is a food writer and occasional pastry chef living and working in London. In 2014 she wrote the baking book Crumb (Vintage). It was followed by her second book, Flavour (Chatto, 2016), then by Eat Up! Food, Appetite and Eating What You Want (Serpent's Tail, 2018).

Tandoh said: "I'm very excited to be working on this! I'm really interested in the ways we can share food know-how outside of the conventional cookbook. For me, this audio guide is a chance to explore the immersive pleasures of baking with listeners, acting as a friend in the kitchen—in their ears, by their side—rather than dictating from afar."

Poland commented: "It’s been amazing to see the development in audiobooks and podcasts over the last few years, and it still feels like the early days. Testing the boundaries of cookery in sound feels like the next step in audio content, and I couldn’t be more excited to venture into that space with a cook as passionate, progressive and enlightened as Ruby."