Hodder Studio to publish Mehreen Baig's debut book

Hodder Studio to publish Mehreen Baig's debut book

Hodder Studio will publish the first book by broadcaster, podcaster and writer Mehreen Baig about her decade’s teaching experience. 

Hidden Lessons: Growing Up on the Frontline of Teaching is billed as “part-memoir, part-polemic, part-life guide, taking readers back to the classroom and letting them in on the secrets behind the school gates”. 

Editorial director Harriet Poland bought UK and British Commonwealth rights from Russell Garnett at KBJ Management. It will be published in hardback, e-book and audio on 16th September 2021. 

Hodder Studio described the debut as "a hilarious, heart-warming and utterly compelling book". The publisher said: “Mehreen started teaching at 21, and over 10 years she learnt quite a lot about teenagers and a huge amount about herself. Nothing throws you in at the deep end like standing in front of a group of students, and Mehreen had no choice but to grow up quickly. In Hidden Lessons she will share her story, from the endless frustrations with the system, to the devastating events that have stayed with her, to the hilarious moments that happen every day in schools." 

Baig is a former teacher, broadcaster and writer, who discusses a range of topics including feminism, race and gender equality and faith, presenting segments on BBC1’s “Sunday Morning Live” and “The One Show”. She worked as an English teacher in a North London secondary school after graduating from the Institute of Education.  

Baig said: “Writing this book and being able to share my story is a dream come true. Hidden Lessons is a celebration of my students and their journey, as well as my own. But most of all, it is a tribute to all the wonderful teachers who never stop giving."

Poland said: “Mehreen has a wonderful ability to drop you straight into an unfamiliar world and illuminate it instantly. She is so smart, funny and utterly charming, and that personality shines through every sentence of this book. We’re so proud to be with her at the start of a brilliant writing career.”