Hodder Studio heads Inside No 9 with episode-by-episode guide

Hodder Studio heads Inside No 9 with episode-by-episode guide

Hodder Studio has landed The Insider’s Guide to Inside No. 9, “an access-all-areas backstage pass” to the Bafta-winning BBC series.

The full-colour hardback, written by Mark Salisbury, is an episode-by-episode guide to the first five series of “Inside No. 9”, created by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.

Publisher Myfanwy Moore bought world rights from agent Caroline Chignell at PBJ Management. It will publish in hardback in time for Halloween on 28thOctober 2021. There will also be a limited run of signed special editions that come with an original print by artist Graham Humphreys.

The book reveals the genesis of each episode, from scripting, to casting, design, direction and production, and includes photographs, mood boards and concept drawings.

Pemberton said: “We loved chatting to Mark about the creation of 'Inside No. 9' and I can’t wait to browse The Insider’s Guide in all its rich and vivid glory. It will be like seeing my life flash before my eyes—but hopefully without the near-death experience.”

Shearsmith commented: “I am devastated this book exists and set to give away all our secrets. I regret talking to Mark Salisbury, who tricked us into revealing every ingredient that you need to create a multi-award-winning TV series. Now everyone will be able to do it. I intend to do everything I can to get this book stopped.”

Salisbury is a New York Times-bestselling author, journalist and screenwriter. A former editor of Empire magazine, he has written more than 16 books. He said: “'Inside No. 9' is, quite simply, one of the most inventive and remarkable TV shows ever made, and so the opportunity to pull back the creative curtain and talk to the geniuses behind it, was, both as a writer and fan, the perfect way to celebrate Reece and Steve’s extraordinary achievement”.

Moore said: “'Inside No 9' is such a highly original and consistently inventive series, always crafted beautifully by a very talented team. Mark has written a fantastic companion to the show: what a treat to give the fans a chance to get behind the scenes of every episode, as Steve and Reece, and the rest of the team, share their creative secrets.”