Hodder & Stoughton takes another from Reeve

Hodder & Stoughton takes another from Reeve

Hodder & Stoughton will publish Journeys to Impossible Places by TV presenter, explorer and author Simon Reeve this autumn. 

Journeys to Impossible Places will continue the story Reeve started in his 2018 Sunday Times bestseller Step by Step, also published by Hodder & Stoughton, which traced the first decades of his life from depressed and unemployed teenager through to his early TV programmes. The new title will reveal the inside story of his most "astonishing" adventures and experiences that followed.  

The publisher said Reeve will also share what his experiences and encounters have taught him and the deeper lessons he draws from joy and raw grief in his personal life –  from desperate struggles with his own fertility and mental health, from wise friends, fatherhood, inspiring villagers, brave fighters, his beloved dogs, and a thoughtful Indian sadhu. 

World rights were acquired from Rosemary Scoular and Robert Kirby at United Agents. Journeys to Impossible Places will be published on 28th October 2021.

Publisher Rupert Lancaster commented: "Working with Simon is a joy and we’re very proud to have him on the Hodder list. Step by Step showed that readers respond to Simon not only as a great storyteller, but also because of his honesty about the challenges he’s had to overcome."

Reeve added: "In Journeys to Impossible Places I’m revealing much more about my favourite journeys, through tales from my most exotic adventures that I’ve never shared before. I’m also baring my soul with personal stories and lessons I’ve drawn from life. I really hope this book will inspire readers to get off their sofa and out there into the world exploring, adventuring and living the life they want and deserve. Because after Covid, we will go on journeys again. It’s important we retain that knowledge with absolute certainty. I love sharing the glory of our world and explaining why we need to keep travelling, while being completely open about the dark situations I’ve encountered, and the challenges we face both as individuals, and as a species."