Hodder signs four from Heller

<p>Hodder has signed up four new books from crime writer Mandasue Heller for a &quot;substantial&quot; sum. Editor Carolyn Caughey bought world rights from agent Cat Ledger. The four novels will be published yearly in hardback from 2009, with paperbacks in the following years. Hodder also has one more Heller book under a previous contract, which will be published in 2008.</p><p>Caughey said: &quot;I am so excited and honoured that Mandasue Heller is trusting us to publish her novels for the next five years. She writes brilliant thrillers that combine compelling human stories and romance with page-turning suspense. Her sales have been building quickly and she is now a must-read author for all crime fans across the UK.&quot;<br /> </p>