Lily Pebbles' The F Word to Hodder

Lily Pebbles' The F Word to Hodder

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired a "personal celebration" of female friendship by lifestyle content creator Lily Pebbles.

Hodder media publisher Briony Gowlett acquired world rights to The F Word by Pebbles from Abigail Bergstrom at Gleam Titles.

Female friendships are complex and emotional but they’re the mini love stories that make us who we are, the publisher said. "For many women, friends are our primary partners through life; they are the ones who move us into new homes, out of bad relationships, through births and illnesses," it added.

In The F Word Pebbles sets out to explore and celebrate the essence of friendship at different life stages and in its many forms.

Pebbles has been blogging for eight years and has worked collaboratively with brands, including Estée Lauder, Burberry and Bobbi Brown. She has been featured in the Sunday Times’ Style Magazine, Glamour and In Style. Her podcast series ‘At Home With...’ went to number one three hours after being uploaded onto iTunes, has seen almost one million downloads, and amassed 25,000 subscribers, said the publisher.

Gowlett said: "This book will make you want to call your best friends and tell them how much you love them, and maybe even cut ties with that one ‘friend’ who makes you feel bad about yourself. Whatever form your friendships take you will find humour, comfort and sanity through Lily’s writing."

Pebbles said: "When it comes to female friendship, it’s rarely straight forward. Our friendships with other women are incredibly fulfilling but also wildly complex. They say that making a new friend is like falling in love: there’s a spark; a flash of recognition; a mutual understanding; and suddenly you feel less alone.

"When I look back on my life almost every decision, experience and memory comes with a female companion somewhere behind the scenes – supporting me, pushing me, or telling me outright that I’m in the wrong. These friendships are what shape us and they help us grow into the women we want to become. I’m thrilled to be writing this book, it’s a tribute to female friendship and a celebration of how important the amazing women in our lives really are."

The F Word will be published in hardback and e-book on 8th March 2017.